July 11, 2011

Ten Reasons I Want to Visit Virginia Beach!

Other than being a complete beach nut, there are a ton of reasons to visit Virginia Beach!  Reasons beyond the beauty of the actual beach including some great historic places and museums!  I'll share my top ten reasons with you!
  1. The Beach! Well, of course I want to hit the beach! With 3 different beaches (The Chesapeake Bay, Sandbridge and Resort Area) there are 35 miles of beautiful beach!  Great waves and sand...does it get any better?  Oh, and it's FREE!  You know I love free!
  2. The Boardwalk!  While next to the beach, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk can be a totally different type of fun than basking in the sun!  It is three miles long with a separate lane for biking (or rollerblading!) and has loads of fun all along!  There are a few stages to enjoy live entertainment during the summer, restaurants, shops...oh, and don't forget the amazing 24 foot King Neptune bronze statue!  Too cool
  3. Funk Fest!  Doesn't that just sound awesome!  Funk fest is a festival that has been going on since the 1960's.  It's in August and has some great "funky music" all weekend...oh, and once again, it's FREE!  Go Virginia Beach for all the free stuff!
  4. The Weather!  Ok, I live in Texas...it's hoooot here!  And oh, so humid!  While it's 103 here right now, it's 83 in Virginia Beach, dipping into the mid 70's at night!  Need I say more?
  5. The Food!  Hello!  This is the beach, people!  We are talking AWESOME seafood.  I can't even begin to list all the restaurants I would love to try.  I'm from Florida and I miss fresh seafood! 
  6. Dave Matthews!  Ok, so he doesn't play there anymore, but did you know he used to?  He played several gigs in Virginia Beach before he hit the big time.  I would love to hit up a few of those hot spots and just imagine him sitting there!
  7. Fishing!  Yes, I love fishing!  There is no shortage of fish on this coast!  You can surf fish, pier fish, or my favorite, book an offshore fishing trip!  You are sure to come back tired and with a cooler full of the good stuff!  Can you say fish fry?
  8. History!  There are a few good places to check out while your there, including a couple of lighthouses, the Old Coast Guard Station, and it wouldn't be right if I went and didn't take the Naval Air Station Oceana Tour! 
  9. Boating!  I love and miss the water dearly and there isn't much I love better than boating!  Depending on how adventurous you are, there are several types of boating experiences.  You can parasail (not me!), cruise along on a sail boat, dolphin watch, kayak...whatever your heart desires!  I'm thinking fishing and a dinner cruise!
  10. My Husbands Roots!  My husband is from Virginia!  While not from Virgina Beach, it is a place he spent a lot of time while growing up and I would love to share that with him!

I can think of plenty more reasons to go, but then it wouldn't be my top ten list, would it?  I've been to Virginia, but hoping to make it to Virginia Beach on my next trip!  Have you been?  Are there any "must sees" that you can recommend?

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